Vision - Vollgas braucht eine Ziellinie Vision - Vollgas braucht eine Ziellinie


Create something worthwhile. Everything else is window dressing.

Klubhaus breathes new life into events.
Our approach
Portfolio - Das macht so keinen Sinn Portfolio - Das macht so keinen Sinn


That does not
make sense!

Sure, we can do (almost) anything. But does it always make sense? After all, modern conferences, events, change-processes and workshops are no longer about the biggest razzmatazz but much more about everyone being passionately behind something.
What we are doing
Strategie - Kompliziertes Thema Strategie - Kompliziertes Thema


A complex subject? Make it simple!

We believe in people. And their ability to create change. That is why we dig deeper and look behind what constitutes the norm, the “worked-fine-last-year“ and obsolete working models. True to our claim: BREATHE NEW LIFE INTO IT!
Breath new life into events
Team - Kämpfer gegen die Normalität Team - Kämpfer gegen die Normalität


Battling against
the norm

There is no original thinking in a sea of sameness. Which is why we give blandness a big zero.
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Klubhaus - Das Zuhause für gute Ideen Klubhaus - Das Zuhause für gute Ideen
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Think - Umdenken ist Kontaktsport Think - Umdenken ist Kontaktsport


A puddle of ideas

The future is now. Especially at work. Today's buzzword is already viewed as being tomorrow's norm. Who can keep pace? You can - with our help.
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Kunden - Das Kollektiv der Klugen Kunden - Das Kollektiv der Klugen


The collective of
the wise

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, something that's never been seen before, something specifically tailored - then you are in good company. And not just with these, but with many fantastic brands and people.
Our clients Cases
Kontakt - Lasst uns Neues veranstalten Kontakt - Lasst uns Neues veranstalten


Let's start something new

There is a lot we still want to try out. And all that dearest together with our creative minds in our team and open-minded clients who feel like doing something new.
Start something together
KLUBHAUS. Breath new life into events! Ursulaplatz 1, 50668 Köln, Deutschland
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ANWR Group

Conference, Congress, Innovation Management, Meeting Design, Award, Learning Journey, Trend Insight, Workshop, Anniversary


Congress, Large Group Interaction


Conference, Congress, Culture Change, Digital Networking, Training, Innovation Management, Fair & Exhibition, Intervention, Digital Moderator

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalentwicklung (DGFP)

Conference, Congress, Meeting Design, Large Group Interaction

Deutsche Post AG

Agile Methods, Learning Journey, Trend Insight, Workshop

Die Familienunternehmer


Family Business Network (FBN)

Congress, Meeting Design, Workshop, Award, Agile Methods, Workshop




Conference, Training, Meeting Design


Culture Change, Change


PR Event


Meeting Design, Learning Journey, Large Group Interaction, Trend Insight

Lorenz Bahlsen

Conference, Fair & Exhibition


Conference, Large Group Interaction

Peek & Cloppenburg

Fashion Show, Consumer Event

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Innovation Management


Conference, Training, Innovation Management, Meeting Design, Award, Large Group Interaction, Incentive


Fair & Exhibition, PR Event


Congress, Workshop, Fashion Show, Anniversary


Learning Journey


Multimedia Installation, Event Production


Change, Meeting Design, Agile Methods, Workshop



Zweirad-Genossenschaft (ZEG)

Meeting Design, Workshop

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