Vision - Vollgas braucht eine Ziellinie Vision - Vollgas braucht eine Ziellinie


Create something worthwhile. Everything else is window dressing.

Klubhaus breathes new life into events.
Our approach
Portfolio - Das macht so keinen Sinn Portfolio - Das macht so keinen Sinn


That does not
make sense!

Sure, we can do (almost) anything. But does it always make sense? After all, modern conferences, events, change-processes and workshops are no longer about the biggest razzmatazz but much more about everyone being passionately behind something.
What we are doing
Strategie - Kompliziertes Thema Strategie - Kompliziertes Thema


A complex subject? Make it simple!

We believe in people. And their ability to create change. That is why we dig deeper and look behind what constitutes the norm, the “worked-fine-last-year“ and obsolete working models. True to our claim: BREATHE NEW LIFE INTO IT!
Breath new life into events
Team - Kämpfer gegen die Normalität Team - Kämpfer gegen die Normalität


Battling against
the norm

There is no original thinking in a sea of sameness. Which is why we give blandness a big zero.
See the team
Klubhaus - Das Zuhause für gute Ideen Klubhaus - Das Zuhause für gute Ideen
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Think - Umdenken ist Kontaktsport Think - Umdenken ist Kontaktsport


A puddle of ideas

The future is now. Especially at work. Today's buzzword is already viewed as being tomorrow's norm. Who can keep pace? You can - with our help.
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Kunden - Das Kollektiv der Klugen Kunden - Das Kollektiv der Klugen


The collective of
the wise

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, something that's never been seen before, something specifically tailored - then you are in good company. And not just with these, but with many fantastic brands and people.
Our clients Cases
Kontakt - Lasst uns Neues veranstalten Kontakt - Lasst uns Neues veranstalten


Let's start something new

There is a lot we still want to try out. And all that dearest together with our creative minds in our team and open-minded clients who feel like doing something new.
Start something together
KLUBHAUS. Breath new life into events! Ursulaplatz 1, 50668 Köln, Deutschland
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A Lightshow always seems to work. But does it make any sense?

Rethinking takes place in the mind, not on a stage. People don’t want to just party around, they want to be brought on board. We focus on participative events that mobilise and advance people.

Our offer:

Conferences & Meetings Intelligent Events Innovative Workshops Communication & Campaigns Strategic consulting


Conferences & Meetings

  • New conferences
  • Meeting designs
  • Collaborative and participative formats
  • Congresses
  • Meetings
  • Walking conferences
  • Virtual conferences
  • Digital networking


Intelligent Events

  • Culture shift
  • Change & transformation
  • Collaborative and participative formats
  • Granting awards
  • Digital networking
  • Modern exhibiting & networking formats


Innovative Workshops

  • Agile methods
  • Collaborative and participative formats
  • Intervention
  • Learning journeys
  • Design thinking
  • Large group interactions
  • Trend insights


Communication & Campaigns

  • Change communication
  • Digital transformation
  • Innovation & creativity
  • Culture shift
  • Campaigns
  • Large group interactions
  • Future forums
  • Fairs & exhibitions


Strategic consulting

  • Change management
  • Leadership culture
  • New Work
  • Culture shift
  • Meeting design
  • Coaching
  • THINK!
Klubhaus Menu THINK
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